Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are the second most vital part of a home renovation. As a trusted and experienced local contractor, Arizona Stone Gallery can accomplish any vision you have to add function, style and value for your bathroom. A typical bathroom remodel involves demolition and renovation of key areas such as vanities, showers, bathtubs and flooring.

Vanity Cabinets

A vanity can make a design statement and add character to your bathroom. Select from our in-stock cabinetry with a quick turnaround time, or if you like attention to detail, customize your vanity with endless styles and finishes. Multiple configurations are available, from various traditional sink base sizes, floating wall-mount cabinets, drawer banks and shelving.


We fabricate and install your countertop with the most common and trending choices of granite or quartz. Browse through our in-stock slabs or remnants, or select any stone available from our suppliers.


Select from our vanity sink options, or we can fabricate the countertop according to your own undermount or overmount sink. The scope of our work will include plumbing, install and reconnection of your new faucets, built-in or freestanding bathtubs and/or shower fixtures.

Shower Walls

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the shower is the focal point of the space. Our services include demolition, reconfiguration, rough-in plumbing, waterproofing and tiling. Visit our showroom and we can help design your space with any of our porcelain, glass, metal, marble, mosaic or other natural stone products.

Shower Conversion

The streamlined look of a larger shower in the former space of a tub has increasingly become a desired attribute in today’s homes. We specialize in converting your underused tub/shower combo to a luxurious walk-in shower, providing more practical and efficient use of that limited space in your bathroom.


New floors are one of the less expensive upgrades to completely transform the look, feel and utility of a bathroom. We have a large variety of tile samples for viewing in our showroom, where you can spend time coordinating colors and complete the look of your project.